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We offer a user-friendly data analysis platform for metagenomics and metataxonomics

Genocrunch pipeline

Genocrunch is a web-based data analysis platform dedicated to metagenomics and metataxonomics. It is tailored to process counts datasets derived from high-throughput nucleic acids sequencing of microbial communities Genocrunch pipeline 1, such as gene counts or counts of operational taxonomic units (OTUs) Genocrunch pipeline 2. In addition to such primary dataset, it also allows the integration of a secondary dataset (e.g. metabolites levels) Genocrunch pipeline 3.

Genocrunch provides tools covering data pre-processing and transformation, diversity analysis, multivariate statistics, dimensionality reduction, differential analysis, clustering as well as similarity network analysis and associative analysis. The results of clustering are automatically inferred as additional models into other analyses Genocrunch pipeline 4.

Interactive visualization is offered for all figures.